Urban Assault .iso Image

  • Hi.

    I have an .iso image for the game. This requires a relevant programme to 'run' it. I use Daemon Tools Lite. On Daemon Tools, I just use the Quick Mount option. I don't know about the rest of it. Once it is mounted, it behaves as a separate physical CD/DVD/BRD drive, but it is virtual, so it will use the next available drive letter on your OS. Would anyone (mods/admins, mostly) want me to upload the .iso image to either here (if I can, and of course with permission (it is 512 MB (536,987,648 bytes) in size)), or perhaps PM a mod and give them a link for them to make it available on here? (Unless an .iso image exists within the shareable files here already.) I also have the Metropolis Dawn expansion pack and the Helicopter Patch, as well, but I expect these two are available already.

    Before I do this (if I get the go-ahead), I intend to upload the .iso image to an online virus-scanning site, and sharing the results here. I am thinking of VirusTotal, which uses "70 antivirus scanners and URL/domain blocklisting services, in addition to a myriad of tools to extract signals from the studied content".

    Of course, if an .iso image is available already, or I do not receive permission to do this, then nevermind.


  • I appreciate your gesture, but as you mentioned we already have an *.iso file for Urban Assault (UASSAULT.iso) in our alternative backup FTP server. The main reason why the *.iso format file is not directly available at our website's primary Filebase downloads section (you can access it from the navigation menu at the top of our website) is because we are providing the *.mdf/*.mds formats as the standard files for the original game data ('Microsoft Urban Assault' file).

    The original Urban Assault retail disc has a mixed-mode CD format, which contains both data and audio tracks as an integral part of its content. Unfortunately, *.iso is an inadequate format to fully support this type of mixed-mode CD format, and the data for soundtracks in the game will be missing with the *.iso format. Meanwhile, *.mdf/*.mds format files can store and support the original CD soundtracks, and therefore we are providing them as the primary game file.

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