Standlone UA Source Mod compatibility

  • Been trying to get the "Intense resistance campaign" to work with UA source. If its the archive from the old site then I believe my issues lie in Level errors (which causes crashes when selecting) and scripts,

    Heck the helicopters work seamlessly without having to patch. Ill keep messing around with the scripts really enjoyed these mods.

    Has anyone else got any mods to work with Standalone UA?

  • Hello, there is no difference between the original UA and OpenUA regarding the installation methods of mod files. There are two main types of mod installation, and how they are practically installed may also differ between the designs of individual mods. It helps us to localise the problem if you can provide us with more details about where and how exactly the problems occur. Also, if the game crashes when selecting the mod levels, please attach the text dump of ypa_log.txt from the ENV folder right after the crashing since it may contain some useful information. In most of time, such symptoms indicate either defective installation or faulty modified level scripts.

    This is one of the main reasons why the mod files are not directly provided from our main website here anymore. Many mod authors do not usually maintain the support of their own mods after releasing them, and so it is mainly up to the technical team to provide assistance when the arbitrary issues regarding the inherent bugs or problems of the mods emerge on the surface. Which can be very time-consuming and inconvenient to track down properly depending on the severity and complexity of issues.

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