Creation Menu

  • The article about the creation menu function used to build and construct units and buildings from host stations.
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    1 Information

    The Creation Menu is a primary Host Station interface function that is used to manufacture units and construct buildings in the 3D world. The creation menu can be accessed by clicking the Creation Button located at the lower-left corner of the host station interface, or by pressing the corresponding hotkey (default: 'C') while inside the host station.

    2 Overview

    The creation menu allows the user to create any units and buildings that are currently available to them, as long as they have access to their blueprints and the host station has sufficient energy resource in the creation energy battery. The creation menu displays the icons and names of all available units and buildings as well as the creation energy costs to build them.

    3 Mechanics

    When the creation menu is opened, the user can highlight a unit or a building to create by clicking in the list. Once highlighted, the user can click in the 3D world display from the host station to create a unit, which will materialise at the clicked area with a short distance from the host station. The amount of time it takes to build a unit is dependent on the creation cost of the unit (the higher the cost, the longer time it will take). Clicking multiple times on the screen will allow the creation of multiple units simultaneously. The units can be created at anywhere at any time in close proximity to the host station as long as the creation energy resource is available.

    The buildings can be only constructed over friendly or neutral sectors that are directly adjacent to the sector the host station is situated on. For constructing buildings, it is possible (and recommended) to use the Map window interface to precisely select a sector for buildings construction. The building construction process will remove already present building objects that are present on that sector, and the terraforming sequence for a new building on a new sector will take a few seconds to complete, regardless of the building costs. Buildings cannot be constructed over special sectors that constitute essential elements to the gameplay (such as Beam Gates).

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