Drones (Tutorial)

  • Drones are a tutorial faction in UA.
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    1 Basic Overview

    The Drones are a tutorial faction featured in the training missions of the original Resistance campaign. They are developed by the Resistance and utilised in their secret training sanctuary to provide training sessions for the player, SDU7.

    2 Detailed Information

    Drones are large, cylindrical-shaped airborne robots which simulate the behaviour and mechanics of host stations and units directly linked into their command system battle networks. They are mostly harmless, with only one variant of the drones equipped with a very weak weapon inflicting a tiny amount of damage.

    While invisible, the drones technically possess their own sector designation as well. The sector ownership of the Drones is used in the game to serve as the functionality of alternative 'neutral' sectors for unoccupied pre-deployed power stations in the game levels.