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    Factions Trivia:

    The Resistance

    The backgrounds and formations of the Resistance are chiefly based on and inspired by the real-life NATO and European Union.


    The language written in the main menu background art manifesto of the Metropolis Dawn Ghorkov is 'Cyrillic Alphabet' (Russian: ру́сский алфави́т). This writing system is the most widespread and ubiquitous language format used in Eastern Europe and Northern Eurasia. The contents and constructions of the text themselves appear to be an invention of the new Kyternesian language, or an amalgamation with the influences and transliterations inspired by various real-life Eastern and Central European languages.

    According to Stefan Karau (one of the original UA developers), the general idea and concept of the Ghrokov/Kyterneser faction were heavily based on and inspired by the Soviet Union and Russia, specifically the authoritarian and totalitarian regime under the autocratic dictatorship of Joseph Stalin, as well as their Eastern Bloc during the Cold War era.

    Taerkasten Order

    The language written in the main menu background art manuscript of the Metropolis Dawn Taerkasten is 'Theban Alphabet' system (German: Thebanisches Alphabet). Alternatively known as 'Runes of Honorius (of Thebes)', the writing system is found in various historical and modern occult and western esoteric neopaganism contexts and works (especially in Germany and Britain). This cryptographic and steganographic writing system was historically practised (and almost certainly devised) by at least two German polymaths that were active during the late medieval and Renaissance periods of the Holy Roman Empire, in their respective works concerning the occultism and esotericism: Johannes Trithemius, the German polymath and scholar who is attributed to be the first progenitor and practitioner of the Theban Alphabet system; and Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim, the German polymath and occult writer who was one of the most prominent pupils of Trithemius, along with the Swiss alchemist Paracelsus. ('Polygraphiae' by Johannes Trithemius, published in 1518; and 'De Occulta Philosophia' by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim, published in 1531. Modern source: British Library.) Their magnum opus, along with numerous other later occult works by various authors which practised the system, were placed on the Index Librorum Prohibitorum upon publication.

    According to Stefan Karau (one of the original UA developers), Taerkastens are an 'Anglo-Germanic' cult faction stemming from the Northern Europe who had escaped to their current territories after their dreadful encounter with the Mykonians to protect the planet. Taerkasten is also affiliated with various Western esoteric and occult neopaganism movements, as well as a masonic organisation such as Freemasonry, or a military order such as Teutonic Order.

    The Black Sect

    The Black Sect is based on Illuminati (specifically, the historical Bavarian Illuminati formed by the professor Adam Weisshaupt from the University of Ingolstadt) with their clandestine secret society nature, as well as their modus operandi of historically controlling the affairs of the various European states behind the scenes. Their true origin could be traced back to the earliest European secret societies, with all the requisite branches into the royal families.

    The name Black Sect comes from their primary area of operations surrounding the Black Sea region. Where their main base of operations is present.


    Unit Names Origins:


    Phantom - English

    Eisenhans - German

    Hetzel - French

    Bronsteijn - Dutch/Swedish

    Otschko - Russian-German

    Serp - Russian

    Leonid - Scandinavian/Russian

    Mnosjetz - Polish

    Zeppelin - German

    Thor's Hammer (Odin) - Scandinavian/German

    Ostwind - German