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    Stonehenge is a special power station that is created by the Taerkasten Order, and it is the most energetic power station in the game.

    1 Overview

    Stonehenge is an extremely rare sector found in Set 2 with eight standing stone pillars positioned symmetrically inside it. In some missions, Stonehenge makes an appearance as an extraordinarily powerful power station affiliated to the Taerkasten faction. When they appear, active Stonehenge power stations are always fully surrounded by eight normal stone pillar sectors around them, which emphasises their significance.

    2 Background

    In the game's lore, Stonehenge power stations are created by the Taerkasten Order. They are actually a sacred stone circle shrine and a site of religious worship for the Taerkasten, and for the very good reason. It is unknown how these structures are created and harnessed to produce energy. Although it is presumed to be based on advanced electromagnetic field manipulation technology that the Taerkastens are notoriously known for.

    3 Composition

    Stonehenge power stations contain 8 subsectors of stone pillars which generate 60 power rating point each. Totalling 480 power rating points produced from a single sector. This is significantly more powerful than the Resistance Power Station 2+ in the single-player campaign, or the Power Station 3 for all factions in the multiplayer mode, which provide 192 power rating points (equals to 6 power rating 'boxes' on the map icons).

    It is worth noting that these stone pillars are individually quite fragile (0% structure resistance) and so they can be destroyed relatively easily with the most weapons.

    4 Appearance

    Stonehenge is an extremely rare sight, and makes its appearance in the game only a few times.

    4.1 Resistance Campaign

    New Stonehenge: The Stonehenge appears in its namesake mission. The player (SDU7) beams into the heart of the Taerkasten territory, and starts the mission with the captured Stonehenge shrine already under their control.

    4.2 Taerkasten Campaign

    4.3 Multiplayer Levels

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    5 Trivia

    • The Taerkasten Stonehenge is based on its real-life counterpart that is located in Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire, England.
    • In the Resistance campaign mission 'Maze Wayz', several clustered sectors with Stonehenge pillars are located at the northern and eastern borders of the level. However, these are decorative objects and therefore do not have any special functions.