Urban Assault Trial

  • Urban Assault Trial

    1 Overview

    Urban Assault Trial is an official demo version of Urban Assault. It was released shortly after the original Urban Assault as a free trial version of the game. UA Trial contains a fraction of the full game contents as well as completely new 5 single-player levels (Tutorials included) and 2 multiplayer levels. The download was available on the official Microsoft Urban Assault website (HOSTSTATION) long time ago.

    2 Official Description

    The Urban Assault Trial Version contains 6 single-player levels, including two training mission levels. Each level exhibits a diverse sampling of vehicles, technology upgrades, and enemy adversaries found in the 41 levels of the full Retail Version. In addition two multiplayer levels are available out of the 55 in the full Retail Version. Both are playable over a LAN with IPX or TCP/IP protocol, and one can be played over the Internet Gaming Zone with a low-bandwidth connection. An online HTML Help is also available, providing complete details on game features, background story, and strategies.

    With this Trial Version, players will be able to:

    • Create 7 different types of vehicles out of the 15 available in the Retail Version (even more in multiplayer).
    • Jump into and take control of any of the available vehicles.
    • Deploy squads to various targets using the map.
    • Use the Squadron Manager to reorganize squads and set their aggressiveness levels.
    • Conquer important power stations and technology upgrades.
    • Combat against a sample of enemy vehicle classes and host stations (12 out of 35).

    The Urban Assault Trial Version is 12.9 MB compressed and takes up 27 MB when installed. The system requirement is:

    Multimedia PC with minimum Pentium 133 MHz or equivalent processor Windows® 95 operating system or higher 16 MB of RAM 27 MB minimum of free uncompressed hard-disk space Local bus SVGA video card with a minimum of 1 MB of VRAM Windows compatible sound card plus speakers or headphones Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device

    Optional: 3D graphics accelerator card compatible with the Direct3D® API for best graphic quality. Note some 3-D accelerator cards may not be fully compatible with the 3-D acceleration features of Urban Assault. 28.8 or higher baud modem for head to head play Internet access required for play on the Internet Gaming Zone (connect time charges may apply) Joystick controller (Urban Assault supports force feedback input devices compatible with the DirectInput® API)

    Download the Urban Assault Trial Version! Trial Version Download (12.9 MB)

    ***DirectX 5 or later required for gameplay.


    Urban Assault Trial is available for download at our fileserver.

    Direct Download Link:

    The Demo version is now also available in OpenUA package:

    4 Installation Guide

    Coming soon.

    5 Troubleshooting

    For now, please open a support ticket on the forums to receive technical assistance about Urban Assault Trial.

    6 Trivia

    In the final demo level 'Sturmfront', there is a large urban area comprised of numerous skyscrapers which forms the two alphabets, 'SK', when viewed on briefing satellite image. This is a hidden Easter Egg/reference to one of the leading level designers of the game: Stefan 'Opti/Metzel Hetzel' Karau.