Situation Analyzer

  • The article about the Situation Analyzer function during the gameplay.
    (This article is currently under construction!)

    1 Information

    Situation Analyzer is an artificial intelligence help program built into the host stations that provides a feedback and a general advice about the situation, based on the currently available strategic and tactical information to the player.

    2 Overview

    Situation Analyzer can be accessed at any time by pressing the corresponding button at the bottom of the gameplay screen, or simply by pressing the hotkey (default: F2). Once activated, it will assess the current situation with available information on the level, and will provide some general advice and suggestions for recommended current and future actions.

    The function is most valuable for providing quick assistance to inexperienced players. It can be also helpful for experienced players when considering that it takes minimal effort to activate it at any time, and depends on the level and situations, it can potentially pick up some valuable currently available information that may otherwise go unnoticed by the player.

    3 System Feedbacks

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    4 Trivia

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    5 Notes

    There are total 17 different feedback analyses.