AI Helicopter Glitch

  • AI Helicopter Glitch
    Unresponsive AI helicopters are common on all modern computers regardless of the operating system. Luckily, it has been extensively researched and also quite easy to fix.

    Note that the problem only occurs with the original UA executables. OpenUA (UA_Source) does not suffer from this problem.

    1 Overview

    1.1 Signs & Symptoms

    AI Helicopters don't obey orders, have problems with turning, and don't follow enemies properly. They are often unable to move to directions other than upward, and when ordered to move they will uncontrollably gain altitude at the spot. It does not affect direct first person control by the players.

    1.2 Technical Causes

    The problem is caused by a threshold check in the code that processes helicopter rotation as was found out by user Zidane on the forums. When an update time period gets short enough, which happens on new, powerful computers, the threshold condition is never fulfilled and helicopter rotation is not processed correctly.

    1.3 Workarounds

    Various workarounds exist to mitigate the problem; but only one method is recommended nowadays. See below.

    2 Solution: Using the patched game executables

    A new helicopter patch with debugged game executables was created by user Zidane. This patch is flawless and has no drawback unlike the other old methods. It should provide a definitive solution to the problem once and for all.

    Direct download link for Helicopter Patch:

    2.1 Important note:

    If you are still using any helicopter patch made before 2016, specifically any fileset that replaces *.scr (script) files in the game's data folder, then please remove it from your machine as soon as possible. These outdated patches will not only work on modern hardware, but they will also detrimentally alter the helicopter data and properties, which will greatly impair the physics and performances of the helicopters. Moreover, since they are technically modified data, the game will detect those files as cheating on multiplayer matches. Therefore please delete any outdated heli-patch files beforehand!

    If you are uncertain about whether your game files contain modified helicopter data or not, this patch file contains fully original and default data files you can apply.

    3 Historical Methods

    There were several legacy methods used to circumvent the helicopter bug in a primitive manner. However, since the new method offers a complete solution without any drawbacks, they have been removed to avoid confusions for now.