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The official game community for Microsoft Urban Assault from 1998.

Welcome to the official Metropolis Dawn website! The authentic primary source for Microsoft Urban Assault information database and files repository.

This is the main community and information website for the video game Microsoft Urban Assault and the Metropolis Dawn expansion pack. Urban Assault is a highly innovative Full 3D Action (First-Person Shooter) and Real-Time Strategy (RTS) hybrid combat simulation game that was developed by the German tech company TerraTools and published by Microsoft in the year 1998. Our website here is the direct successor of the original Stoudson Corporation forums; the central hub of global Urban Assault communities that went offline in the year 2021. Our primary host servers are located in Europe (Germany), and our main languages are English and German.

The website is still under construction, and currently our primary focus and objective are restoring the lost assets and contents from the old UA websites. We are a fully non-profit organisation (No Ads/No Donation/No Revenue) that also directly offers technical support and assistance for the official Urban Assault game data and files, as well as providing the most authentic and verified Urban Assault game files and material that are perfectly safe to download and use. If you have any questions about the game, please do not hesitate to ask us! Additionally, a new UA Wiki will be restored at the Lexicon module section. Other standalone Urban Assault websites are planned in the future as well.

Urban Assault™ is a trademark of Microsoft® Corporation. ©1998 Microsoft® Corporation. All rights reserved.

Interesting Trivia: The word 'Stoudson' is derived from the combination of a rare Scandinavian/Nordic surname 'Stoud', and a common Northern European surname suffix '-son'.

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