Artificial Intelligence

  • The article about various AI logics, modules, behaviours, and algorithms in Urban Assault.
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    This article will contain various information and data about the AI in Urban Assault, as well as some analyses.

    1 Information

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Urban Assault refers to all types of computer-controlled autonomous entities and their logics. Virtually all aspects of the game that are not directly controlled by players are controlled by AI. Therefore, AI is an integral part of the gameplay.

    By definition, there are two main types of AI in Urban Assault: The Strategic AI, which constitutes the general thinking/reaction behaviours and decision-making capabilities of computer-controlled host stations which are exclusive to the single-player mode; and the Tactical AI, which constitutes the general behaviours and thinking capabilities of computer-controlled units and components, and therefore applies to both single-player and multiplayer aspects of the game.

    There is no difference between the AI of Urban Assault and Metropolis Dawn and Urban Assault Trial.

    2 Overview

    In Urban Assault, the majority of internal AI codes and logical modules are hard-coded into the game engine. However, there are various types of parameters available in the scripts that can be used to adjust and control behaviours and capabilities of many AI elements during the gameplay. These include but are not limited to: The AI host stations' activity frequency and budget ratio defined in each level or the unique pre-set 'attack pattern' modules of individual units.

    It is worth noting that the AI player in Urban Assault does not cheat in any form. There is no built-in hack or artificial cheating module designed to give advantages to AI in the game engine, so the AI is completely cheat-free. This can be also easily demonstrated and proven by creating several testing environments through modding.

    For example, AI cannot auto-generate its energy without power sources, and has to scout the map first to gather enemy information. In fact, considering the fact that AI cannot teleport their host stations, create multiple vehicles in quick succession, or enjoy various benefits of the first-person control in vehicles, the AI in UA is actually designed to be underpowered than the players are.

    3 Strategic AI

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    4 Tactical AI

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    5 User and AI difference

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    Also see: Energy Math article.

    6 AI Disadvantages

    As mentioned above, the AI in Urban Assault does not cheat in any form. The AI in UA does not have any built-in cheats or 'hacks' which gives them unfair advantage over the players at an engine level. Therefore, the AI in Urban Assault is completely cheat-free.

    For example, just like the player the AI cannot generate energy without a power source, and must peel back the fog-of-war to secure a line-of-sight first in order to gather intelligence and enemy information in the level to make adequate decisions accordingly.

    In fact, the AI players have several disadvantages compared to the human players during the gameplay.

    Some examples are:

    • The AI cannot teleport to move their host stations unlike the players, which greatly limits their mobility and strategy around the level.
    • The AI cannot use Virtual Presence Shift (the ability to manually assume the first-person control of the vehicles) to receive a significant bonus to damage output, shielding, and manoeuvrability for the units unlike the players.
    • The AI cannot create multiple vehicles simultaneously unlike the players, and is also subject to the hard-coded 2 seconds delay period between each vehicle creation. Which restricts their unit production capacity.

    In the majority of single-player campaigns, the only 'advantage' the AI player has over the player is a faster energy recharge rate (see also: Energy Math) defined individually in the level scripts. Which are not a hardcoded restriction per se and can be adjusted easily.

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