• The article about the energy resource and its mechanics in the game.
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    1 Information

    Energy is the primary resource in Urban Assault. For further information, it is highly recommended to check the official game documents and Help files.

    2 Overview

    Energy is the primary and sole resource in Urban Assault. It constitutes various fundamental aspects in the game. Energy is used to perform virtually all kind of tasks, such as creating vehicles and constructing buildings, or beaming (teleporting) host stations. Energy is more than just a resource; since every functional object is constructed out of energy, it is also responsible for the life system battery and weapon manufacture factory of all functional units and objects in the game. Without any energy, an entity is destroyed.

    The energy is acquired by controlling power stations. The functional power stations will generate and supply their energy to surrounding power grids (sectors) that share the same faction ownership. For energy interaction, friendly units that are situated on a friendly sector near a friendly power station will recharge (repair) their energy. The effect works for enemy units under same condition but in the opposite way, where it will drain (damage) their energy instead. This feature can be strategically exploited where controlling energy (power) sources around the level become a vital factor at establishing zones of control. Like all sectors, power stations can be occupied by one faction at a time.

    In terms of resource, the energy is further divided into three distinct categories when they are accumulated and stored inside host station: Life Energy Battery, Creation Energy Battery, Beam Energy Battery.

    The production capacity of energy from power stations is determined by the power-sector relationship mechanics. The efficiency and harvest rate/capacity of energy resource requires two essential elements: Power and Sector.

    3 Mechanics

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