• The article about sectors and their mechanics in the game.
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    1 Information

    Sectors are square-grid areas that constitute the basis of level maps in Urban Assault. For further information, it is highly recommended to check the official game documents and Help files.

    2 Overview

    In Urban Assault, all areas in levels are divided into square-grid zones called sectors. The sectors are the primary element that constitute the entire level maps, and individual sectors contain various properties and characteristics which are imperative for core gameplay mechanics.

    Each sector has different types, layouts, and structures in them. The detailed layouts of sectors may vary greatly from an empty area to high-density building sectors. The types and contents of sectors available in levels are determined by the level sets, which are used by the individual level definition files. Each set contains an extensive set of sectors designed to simulate different types of aesthetics and environments.

    A sector can be controlled by one faction at a time. Many sectors possess special key strategic functions that are defined in each level data. Controlling sectors provides a strategic map visibility on friendly areas as well as increased energy production capacity to a faction, which makes capturing and occupying numerous sectors important. Generally, the players will compete over sector ownerships throughout a level in order to increase their zone of control while reducing the zone of influence of their enemies simultaneously.

    3 Mechanics

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