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  • Microsoft Games (also known as Microsoft Game Studios, now Xbox Game Studios) is the publisher of Microsoft Urban Assault.
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    1 Information

    Microsoft Game Studios is the primary video game department of Microsoft Corporation, and the official publisher of the video game Microsoft Urban Assault.

    2 Overview

    Microsoft Games (also known as Microsoft Game Studios, and now Xbox Game Studios) was the official video game publisher of Microsoft Corporation. The studio was the first dedicated primary video games department of Microsoft. Since its inception, the studio had published various video game titles including Urban Assault (originally had working titles such as 'Anarchy' or 'Your Personal Amok' during the development phase).

    3 Development

    The prototype demo of Urban Assault was originally showcased at E3 Atlanta, Georgia in the year 1996 under the development title of Anarchy. At this time, the initial publisher of Urban Assault was Warner Interactive. However, this had changed in the year 1997 when Urban Assault was once again showcased at E3, where it has been revealed that Microsoft had successfully forged a new and final publisher contract with TerraTools for the upcoming title Urban Assault.

    Urban Assault was scheduled to be released in the year 1998, and so the final development work including beta testing sessions as well as implementing all the necessary changes and adjustments had to be completed in a relatively short time frame under the 'crunch time'. More than 1200 people applied for the beta test of Urban Assault on the first day.

    Microsoft Games had provided substantial manpower and support to assist the TerraTools development team at finishing their new video game title. Despite the game engine's complexity and numerous features and content that were either cut or removed due to time restraints, their new final game product was successfully released into the retail market.

    Microsoft Game Studios also arranged the official interview session with several key TerraTools developers from Potsdam/Babelsberg, Germany when they visited the main Microsoft campus in Seattle, Washington during early 1998.

    The Microsoft interview with TerraTools developers can be found at here:

    Q-and-A (Microsoft Interview with TerraTools Developers)

    4 Microsoft Urban Assault Website

    Microsoft also hosted and managed the official Urban Assault website (titled 'HOSTSTATION') since early 1998 to promote and update latest information and announcement about their new upcoming development title. The official UA website had various interactive information pages about the game's settings and backgrounds, as well as providing downloading options from their main FTP host server for extra game contents including the screenshots, soundtracks, and the installer file download option of the official Urban Assault Trial (Demo version). This website was also fully independent from another official Urban Assault website designed and maintained by the game's developer, TerraTools.

    The official Microsoft Urban Assault website is now offline, along with all the other 'classic' Microsoft Games web pages that were originally present on the main Microsoft website after their main websites renewal in the year 2014.

    The official Microsoft Urban Assault website also had multiple localisation variants to support other languages than English; such as the translated German, French, or Japanese web pages with slightly modified layouts and details.

    4.1 Original Urban Assault Website Links

    5 Urban Assault Credits (Microsoft)

    5.1 Microsoft

    Microsoft Production
    Program Manager Jonathan Sposato
    Product Planner Peter Bergstrom
    Product Manager Sebastien Motte
    Test Lead Earnest Yuen
    User Education Lead and Writer Alexandra Shapiro
    Technical Support Lead Steve Kastner
    Development Support Michael Lyons
    Story Writer Grant Fjermedal
    Testers Scott Gerlach, Sean Kellogg, Chris Robinson, James Mayo, Charles “Chuck” Cooper, Chris Ganje, Jeremy Hill, Jason Janicki, Luis Barriga
    Editor Dana Fos
    Print Design Chris Lassen
    Localization Laurence Krzemien-Smith
    Help Art Connie Braat
    Art Production Kathleen Billington
    HTML Developer Tom Simmons
    Setup Developer David Shoemaker
    European Localization Peter Connelly, Paul Delany, Cosmo Greco, Sandra O'Neill, Roisin Cree
    Far East Localization Atsushi Miyake, Kazuyuki Kumai, Juichi Takahashi, Sachio Horikoshi
    Beta Coordinator Matt Alderman
    Configuration Testers Paul H. Gradwohl, Harold Ryan
    Microsoft Management
    Product Unit Manager Stuart Moulder
    Lead Program Manager Alan Hartman
    Product Planner Manager Ed Ventura
    Development Manager Craig Henry
    User Education Manager Jo Tyo
    Test Managers Brian Bennink, Matt Gradwohl
    Microsoft Studios
    Opening movie produced by Microsoft Studios Design Team.
    Directors Tyler Davis, Dan Colvin
    Producer Melody Strickwerda
    Technical Director John Deutscher
    Executive Producer Quinn Edamura
    3-D Modeling and Animation Scott Benza
    Interface Design and Animation Noel Rubin
    Sound Design Sanford Ponder, Tom Betz, Rick Senechal
    Musical Score Mark Snow
    Editor Reeve Baily
    Additional Design Becky Johnson, Kate Dresen
    Synaptic Doner Unit Eddie Bundro
    Host Station Voice Mary Montgomery
    Additional Voices David White, Mark Dias, Don Brady
    3-D Earth model by Viewpoint.

    Microsoft would also like to thank all Beta testers for their time and support.


    Note: This is the official full credits of the Microsoft department for Urban Assault development. For the credits of the TerraTools department for Urban Assault development, please check the TerraTools article.