• Taerkasten is a faction in UA.
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    1 Basic Overview

    The Taerkasten Order is a fanatical brotherhood with a fundamentalist, 'neo-Luddite' society. Their vehicle designs are chiefly reminiscent of the World Wars equipment with some notable exceptions in advanced weapon development. They have a cult-like formation in Southern Europe and Africa with an organisation structure resembling a masonic fraternity and a medieval military order. The faction has its origin in Central and Northern Europe. The Taerkasts had subsequently escaped to their current territories after their dreadful encounter with the Mykonians to protect the planet.

    2 Detailed Information

    The Taerkasts is a fanatical faction of humanity that represent a fundamentalist, Neo-Luddite society, abhorrent of technology. However, they embrace plasma formation technology as a necessary evil, and possess their own versions of 'technologically' advanced armaments and equipment to remain competitive in the post-apocalyptic war. The Taerkasten host station icon is a heraldic emblem with a sword and a shield. A majority of their vehicle design is reminiscent of the First/Second World War with some notable exceptions. The Taerkastens blame the other factions for destroying the Earth's ozone layer and its atmosphere.

    The faction was originated in Central and Northern Europe, with the game's lore states that they were the first human group to encounter the Mykonians. They have an organisational structure which resembles a medieval military order or a masonic fraternity. Currently, they are situated in much of Southern Europe and Africa, and have a cult-like formation with their own religion and theocratic ideas. The Taerkasten wants to exterminate all the other factions from the Earth so that only themselves can rightfully rule over the holy planet.

    The Taerkasten units are typically heavily armoured, but the majority of their vehicles are slow and especially vulnerable to hit and run tactics. Some of their vehicles are particularly notorious for their extremely heavy shielding. The Taerkasten Host Station is the Flying Fortress, whose turret design possesses a form of defensive blind-spots that sometimes allow a human opponent to stay close to one side and relentlessly attack without fear of reprisal from the host station. Taerkasten units are designed to be more AI-friendly among the playable factions.