Metropolis Dawn Expansion Pack

  • The article about the fully official but unreleased Metropolis Dawn Expansion Pack for Microsoft Urban Assault.
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    1 Information

    Metropolis Dawn Expansion Pack is the fully official but unreleased standalone expansion pack for Urban Assault. The expansion pack was planned and created by the original German UA TerraTools developers shortly after the release of the original Urban Assault with Microsoft Corporation.

    2 Overview

    Metropolis Dawn includes two new official single-player campaigns for the Ghorkov and the Taerkasten factions. The new campaigns take place shortly after the final events of the Resistance campaign from the original Urban Assault in terms of story- and timeline, which allow the players to experience the continuation of the global conflicts and wars from the perspectives of different factions.

    The Metropolis Dawn Expansion Pack also introduces several new vehicles, weapons, and buildings; as well as various types of both new and updated multiplayer levels as well.

    3 History

    Metropolis Dawn was initially planned and developed shortly after the release of Urban Assault by the TerraTools development team back in 1998. However, due to the contract issues between their new publisher company (it was not Microsoft this time), the expansion pack was never commercially released despite being almost completely finished.

    In the early 2000s, several original UA developers from TerraTools visited the UAHQ message boards (one of the earliest major UA fan forums website created by Allan "WinAce" Glenn), and the game file package which contains the full data and content of the unreleased Metropolis Dawn expansion pack was leaked to the UA community at some point.

    4 New Contents

    4.1 Host Stations

    4.1.1 Ghorkov

    • (Single-player mode only; Player-only) Turantul I (Metropolis Dawn)
    • (Single-player mode only; Player-only) Turantul II (Skorpio) (Metropolis Dawn)

    4.1.2 Taerkasten

    • (Single-player mode only; Player-only) Flying Fortress (Metropolis Dawn)

    4.2 Vehicles

    4.2.1 Taerkasten

    4.2.2 Mykonian

    4.3 Buildings

    4.3.1 Taerkasten

    5 Levels

    5.1 Single-player Levels

    Level names in this section are based on English version by default. (TO DO: Add German and French localisation names.)

    5.1.1 Ghorkov Campaign Levels

    • Generalmobilization
    • Einkesselung
    • Doublecrossed
    • The Contact
    • Heckenschützen (Snipers!)
    • Mykonian Encirclement
    • Taerkasten Fortress “Smontje Broselsmund”
    • Spießrutenlauf
    • In Last Second
    • Taerkasten Wimps
    • The Stoudson Cooperation
    • Frozen Kamshadka
    • Pirates Islands On Chinese See
    • No More Tide
    • Parasite Dome

    5.1.2 Taerkasten Campaign Levels

    • Order To Fire
    • Marshland
    • Dreaded Canyon
    • Expanse Of Rubble
    • Mountains Of Thunder
    • Slippery Night
    • Stoudson's Bastion
    • Bomb Thread
    • Dark Shadows Over Green Valley
    • Rocket Hill
    • Dejavu
    • Dreiländereck
    • Badlands
    • Pyre
    • The Fight For Liberation

    5.2 Multiplayer Levels

    There are total 17 new multiplayer levels and 4 updated multiplayer levels in Metropolis Dawn. (TO DO: Add level titles.)

    5.2.1 New Levels

    • L9494.ldf (Triangle - XPack)
    • L105105.ldf (Radial - XPack)
    • L115115.ldf (Babelsberg - XPack)
    • L124124.ldf (Sectionalism - XPack)
    • L127127.ldf (Encroachments - XPack)
    • L129129.ldf (Haywire - XPack)
    • L135135.ldf (Anarchy - XPack)
    • L148148.ldf (Event Horizon - XPack)
    • L150150.ldf (R.A.G. - XPack)
    • L151151.ldf (Scramble - XPack)
    • L152152.ldf (Duck and Cover - XPack)
    • L153153.ldf (Divine - XPack)
    • L154154.ldf (Hell on Earth - XPack)
    • L155155.ldf (Hit-n-Run - XPack)
    • L156156.ldf (Sanssouci - XPack)
    • L157157.ldf (Zwinger - XPack)
    • L158158.ldf (Rock-n-Roll - XPack)

    5.2.2 Updated Levels

    • L100100.ldf (The Artificial - XPack)
    • L110110.ldf (Templar Knights - XPack)
    • L117117.ldf (Four Power Talks - XPack)
    • L130130.ldf (Run to the Hills - XPack)

    6 Download

    Metropolis Dawn Expansion Pack for Urban Assault is hosted and available for download on our main file repository server.

    Direct Download Link:

    OpenUA Standalone Package also contains full pre-installed Metropolis Dawn game data files and contents already which have been configured for OpenUA:

    7 Installation

    7.1 Windows

    To install Metropolis Dawn, the user must have either 'Typical' or 'Full' version of the original Urban Assault installed on their machine with full registry data. The MD installer (Setup.exe) will automatically detect the required UA registry entries to determine the location for copying files. Therefore, if your Urban Assault installation is not clean or corrupted, there is a high chance that the installer may not work properly.

    It is also highly recommended to run the installer file with administrator rights and compatibility settings (such as Windows 98/XP). Once the installer is active, follow the instructions to install the MD expansion pack.

    7.2 Linux

    The Metropolis Dawn Expansion Pack installer file and the game software itself are only available on Windows API by default. However, alternatives such as Wine can be used. The OpenUA package version of the game will also work.

    8 Troubleshooting

    Check the Windows Troubleshooting article for further assistance. Most contents in the article also apply to the expansion pack as well. Alternatively, should you encounter any further issues or problems during the installation process or gameplay, feel free to visit the forums and open a support ticket thread about the issues.

    9 Trivia

    • Some mistranslation errors are present in the English version briefing text of Metropolis Dawn when compared to the original German version briefing text. This was most likely caused by minor oversights or mistakes during the translation process.
    • The language system written in the Ghorkov menu background artwork manifesto of the Metropolis Dawn is Cyrillic Alphabet (Russian: ру́сский алфави́т). This writing system is the most widespread and prominent language system used in Eastern Europe and Northern Eurasia regions. The contents and constructions of the text themselves appear to be a type of neologism invention or a hybrid amalgamation form of languages with the influences and transliterations inspired by various Eastern and Central European languages.
    • The language system written in the Taerkasten menu background artwork manuscript of the Metropolis Dawn is Theban Alphabet (German: Thebanisches Alphabet). Alternatively known as 'Runes of Honorius', it is found in various western occult and esoteric neopaganism contexts and works throughout the history (especially in Germany and Britain). This cryptographic and steganographic writing system was historically practised (and almost certainly devised) by at least two German polymaths during the Renaissance period of the Holy Roman Empire: Johannes Trithemius, the German polymath and scholar who is widely presumed to be the first creator of the Theban Alphabet system; and Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim, the German polymath and occult writer who was one of the most significant pupils of Trithemius, along with the Swiss alchemist Paracelsus. Specifically, the system was employed during the late medieval and Renaissance period of the Holy Roman Empire in their respective works regarding the occultism and esotericism. ('Polygraphiae' by Johannes Trithemius, published in 1518; and 'De Occulta Philosophia' by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim, published in 1531.) Such works and other magnum opus from various writers were frequently placed in Index Librorum Prohibitorum upon publication, until the bibliographical list was eventually abolished in the year 1966 by Pope Paul VI. (To do: Add further reference material and sources from the British Library --Charlotte)
    • In the Metropolis Dawn Ghorkov campaign, the player will initially begin the campaign with the Turantul I host station in the early-game missions. During the campaign progress, the player will be promoted and will receive the Turantul II 'Skorpio' host station in the mid- to late-game missions.
    • In the Metropolis Dawn Taerkasten campaign, the player's variants of Taerkasten Flying Fortress and the Taerkasten Flak Station possess reduced projectile damage, which results in lower firepower output than their standard counterparts. This design was probably implemented to limit the effectiveness and reliance of heavily defensive-oriented strategy from the player, which Taerkastens already possess numerous natural advantages on.
    • The final mission of the Ghorkov campaign, Parasite Dome, contains a minor building placement error for the enemy factions. This is the only instance where a mistake such as this is present in the entire game. It was most likely caused during the process of switching the locations of the Resistance and Taerkasten bases (they were originally the opposite as evidenced by the satellite image map).
    • Interestingly, the two Taerkasten tank units that are newly introduced in Metropolis Dawn expansion pack (Thor's Hammer and Ostwind) are based on and inspired by the tank/vehicle designs from WWII, whereas the original two Taerkasten tanks (Eisenhans and Leonid) are based on and inspired by the tank designs from WWI.
    • Unlike the original Urban Assault, where the game was officially localised into 4 languages (English, German, French, Japanese), the Metropolis Dawn expansion pack officially supports 3 languages dataset (English, German, French), without the Japanese language translation.

    10 Notes

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