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    1 Summary

    The Taerkasten (German: Die Taerkast/Der Taerkasten Orden) is a playable main faction in both single-player and multiplayer modes of Urban Assault. In the Metropolis Dawn Taerkasten campaign, the player's faction is Taerkasten. The faction colour of the Taerkasts is yellow.

    2 Official Description (HELP files)


    This dangerous retrocult disdains electronic and related technology yet has advanced weapons development. They wish to exterminate us—and all other factions—from the planet. Diplomacy has failed. The Taerkastens blame us for killing the oceans and destroying the atmosphere.


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    3 Overview

    The Taerkasten Order is a fanatical brotherhood with fundamentalism, 'neo-Luddite' doctrines. Their vehicle designs are chiefly reminiscent of the World Wars equipment with reinforced technology in advanced weapon development. They have an esoteric cult formation in Southern Europe and Africa, with an occult hierarchy structure resembling a masonic fraternal organisation and a monastic military order. The faction has its origins in Central and Northern Europe. The Taerkasts had subsequently escaped to their current territories after their dreadful encounter with the Mykonians to protect the Earth.

    4 Units & Buildings Information

    Main Article: Taerkasten Units and Buildings Overview

    5 Playability

    Yes. (The faction is designed to be a playable main faction in the game for human players, and forms an integral part of the multiplayer balance system between the other available major factions.)

    6 Lore Information

    The Taerkasten Order is a fanatical brotherhood of a humanity that follows fundamentalism, 'Neo-Luddite' doctrines. Although nominally abhorrent of modern technology, they embrace plasma formation technology as a necessary evil, and possess their own versions of 'technologically' advanced armaments and equipment to remain competitive in the post-apocalyptic wars. The Taerkasten host station icon is a heraldic emblem with a sword and a shield. A majority of their vehicle design is reminiscent of various World Wars equipment with some notable exceptions in advanced weapon development. The Taerkasts blame the other factions for destroying the Earth's ozone layer and its atmosphere.

    The Taerkast was originated in Central and Northern Europe, and they were the first human group to encounter the Mykonians. They have a religious cult formation and an esoteric organisational structure which resembles a masonic fraternity or a monastic military order. Their cult presence is dominant in Southern Europe and Africa within their own sphere of occult theocracy. The Taerkastens want to exterminate all the other factions from the Earth so that they can rightfully rule over the holy planet. Taerkasts are also notorious for their advanced chemistry ('alchemy') and electromagnetic field manipulation technology, and found a way to harness energy from the stone and rock formations.

    In the Taerkasten campaign of Metropolis Dawn expansion pack, the player (Truzen) becomes a pivotal figure as a new Flying Fortress host station master who has been assigned with a prominent quest of saving and recovering the lost hereditary territories and knowledge documents of the Taerkasten Order from the massive large-scale enemy invasions and infiltrations of the hostile factions.

    7 Characteristics

    The Taerkasten is considered a defensive faction. The Taerkastens generally have slower and expensive units, but also possess very powerful and effective shielding capabilities which is a huge advantage in melee combat situations. Their high armours helps greatly at holding their own grounds against incoming enemies, or breaking through heavily fortified hostile defence lines than the other factions. Because of their slow but steady nature, Taerkastens heavily rely on cautious unit maintenance and preservation and combat efficiency to maintain and strengthen their momentum on the battlefield. Taerkasts also possess more faster units which can assist their operations with more flexibility.

    The Taerkasten Host Station is the Flying Fortress, also known as Hauptstation or Luftschloss. Its turret design and firing angle have defensive blind-spots (similar to the medieval architecture fortifications), where the turrets cannot aim and attack targets situated in these areas. However, such a situation can be simply avoided by relocating the Flying Fortress. In the Metropolis Dawn expansion pack, the player's variant of Flying Fortress has a weakened weapon damage by design. Additionally, Taerkasten units are designed to be a little more AI-friendly among the playable factions on purpose. Which means their units may have minor advantages in a combat between the AI-controlled units.

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