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    1 Information

    There are total six main factions in Urban Assault:

    All factions appearing in Urban Assault have fully asymmetrical designs, as well as possessing unique characteristics and aesthetics.

    Four out of six factions are the major factions that are playable and fully designed for balanced multiplayer games:

    • The Resistance
    • Ghorkov
    • Taerkasten
    • Mykonian

    Three out of four major factions have the official single-player campaigns

    • The Resistance
    • Ghorkov
    • Taerkasten

    Two factions are only available as the single-player exclusive enemy AI factions in the campaigns:

    • Sulgogar
    • The Black Sect

    Drones are the special tutorial faction that is only available in the Training Missions of the Resistance campaign.

    2 Overview

    2.1 The Resistance

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    2.2 Ghorkov

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    2.3 Taerkasten

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    2.4 Mykonian

    Main Article: Mykonian

    2.5 Sulgogar

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    2.6 The Black Sect

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