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    1 Information

    The Black Sect (German: Die Schwarze Sekte) is a special faction that only appears as a single-player exclusive enemy faction, and as such it is not designed to be played by the players in the game. The Black Sect has several unique characteristics compared to the other factions. The faction colour of the Black Sect is black.

    2 Official Description (HELP files)

    The Black Sect is a hidden/unknown faction in the official Urban Assault Help files, and therefore does not have an official description. Although a placeholder description was present during the development.

    3 Overview

    The Black Sect is a mysterious confederation whose true identity is unknown. Having only a few original assets, the Black Sect can gain access to various war machines from the other factions through their extensive intelligence and espionage network. All Black Sect created vehicles linked to their Anvil-class host station battle network are rendered invisible on radar, thanks to its stealth projection module. They have bases of operations surrounding the Black Sea. Their true origin could be traced back to the earliest European secret societies, with all the requisite branches into the royal families, aristocrats, and intellectual elites.

    4 Units and Buildings Information

    Main Article: Black Sect Units and Buildings Overview

    5 Playability

    No. (The faction is not designed to be a playable main faction for the human players. It only appears as a single-player exclusive enemy faction controlled by the AI. The faction is not a part of the normal game balance model.)

    6 Lore Information

    The Black Sect is a mysterious confederation and a clandestine secret society of unknown origin, allegedly composed of pirates, scavengers, and mercenaries; but whose true identity is completely shrouded in mystery. The Resistance intelligence states that their true origin "could be traced back to the earliest European secret societies, with all the requisite branches into the royal families", as well as boasting "fashioned history since before there was history, allowing deluded heads of state to believe they acted on their own", which implies that the history of the Black Sect could be as old as the Taerkasten Order, and their key members and figures had (potentially manipulative) influences behind the scenes of controlling the matters of state politics and world orders.

    Having only a few original assets of their own, the Black Sect relies on stealing or borrowing technology from the other factions through machinations and schemes, such as industrial espionage networks or even directly purchasing equipment through black markets. The Black Sect gained access to the Resistance Anvil-class host station (the last-remaining prototype host station model of SDU1 that was also intended for SDU7) thanks to the defection of SDU1, who might have been a covert Black Sect affiliate. They also have ability to create even Mykonian and Sulgogar units, which hints that even the aliens have a connection with the Sect. This is backed up with the constant communication with the human forces and the Mykonians during the course of events.

    The Black Sect has invaded the region surrounding the Black Sea (their namesake origin) in the original Urban Assault campaign, and only appears towards the end of the game.

    7 Characteristics

    All Black Sect units that are linked to the Black Sect Station battle network receive a special stealth projection module thanks to the advanced electronic warfare technology of the Anvil-class host station, rendering them invisible on the player's radar sensor and strategic map. For every mission that the Black Sect appears in, they are able to create a portion of units and buildings from all other factions that have made an appearance in the battlefield. Which means they will frequently employ cross-faction unit compositions. The Black Sect Anvil-class station (that was originally developed by the Resistance) is one of the most durable with strong self-defence capabilities involving two powerful turrets.

    Overall, the player cannot easily exploit any weaknesses in the Black Sect due to their numerous intended advantages, and therefore the Sect is arguably the most difficult faction to fight. For this reason, they are often recommended to be the top priority to be eliminated. The permanent invisibility of their assets combined with their extensive production and espionage capabilities capable of creating a hybrid army made out of multiple factions mean that the players cannot rely on a set strategy to deal with their unpredictable elements in general. The Black Sect units are identical to their original counterparts, which means their units will also enjoy the benefits of the same technology upgrades.

    The Black Sect cannot be played in Multiplayer. This single-player exclusive faction has a drastically different design which excludes it from the natural balance system between the other playable major factions for multiple reasons.

    8 Official Localisation Titles

    English: Black Sect

    German: Black Sect (Die Schwarze Sekte)

    French: La Black Sect (La Secte Noire)

    Japanese: ブラック セクト

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