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    1 Information

    The Sulgogar (German: Die Sulgogaren) is a minor faction that only appears as a single-player exclusive enemy faction, and are not designed to be played by the players in the game. The Sulgogars possess distinct characteristics compared to the other factions. The faction colour of the Sulgogars is green.

    2 Official Description (HELP files)


    A plantlike, bionic off-world species, the Sulgogars hope to claim Earth as a spawning ground. Their vehicle-creation technology is more advanced than ours, although it appears to be based on genetic manipulation and cloning. Diplomacy has failed. They view humans as fertilizer.

    What little we know about the Sulgogar vehicles exists here. We have no information about their buildings, although we imagine that they, too, exist. You cannot play as a Sulgogar during a multiplayer game.


    • The HELP files entries are written from the Resistance perspective.
    • The HELP files may contain slightly outdated information.

    3 Overview

    The Sulgogar is a vegetative, bionic off-world species whose powers resides in biotechnology, genetic manipulation, and cloning. The Sulgogars hope to claim Earth and its scarce remaining ocean body as their spawning ground, but their numbers are few and they are rarely encountered. All Sulgogars units use particle beam. The Sulgogars initially made their migration to the ocean of Earth shortly before The Big Mistake. They wish to exterminate the other factions for causing the environmental collapse and pollution, which destroy their natural habitats in the process.

    4 Units and Buildings Information

    Main Article: Sulgogar Units and Buildings Overview

    5 Playability

    No. (The faction is not designed to be a playable main faction for the human players. It only appears as a single-player exclusive enemy faction controlled by the AI. The faction is not a part of the normal game balance model.)

    6 Lore Information

    The Sulgogars are a vegetative and plant-like species of highly advanced and adaptive bionic alien with an off-world origin. Their powers reside in biotechnology, genetic manipulation and cloning. The Sulgogars hope to claim the resource-rich planet Earth as their spawning grounds and view humans as fertilisers. Similar to the Mykonians, the Sulgogars make exclusive use of advanced and powerful electrically-generated directed-energy weapon (particle beam) in combat. The Sulgogars can extract minerals from the ground for nutrients and can also consume humans as food. The Sulgogars wish to exterminate everyone else from the Earth for causing the environmental destruction and ecological collapse followed by the Big Mistake, which rapidly destroy their natural habitats.

    An unknown group of Sulgogars initially made their migration into the deep ocean body of the Earth shortly before the Big Mistake, where they initially lived for a while without coming into contact with the humans. The Sulgogarian society is centred around the Sulgogars Queens. The Queen is the most advanced and developed Sulgogars entity which can also create other Sulgogars entities via advanced and adaptive genetic manipulation and cloning technology, as long as there are required energy available for the task. The Sulgogars can acquire energy directly from the power stations via mechanisms presumed to be similar to electrolysis or photosynthesis.

    The Sulgogars also possess a highly developed hive-mind system which links every sentient Sulgogarian mind to their respective Queens via neural networks. This trait naturally renders a Sulgogarian colony led by a Sulgogar Queen equivalent to the organised armed forces with a command and control hierarchy and communication systems, and by extension a formidable fighting force to be reckoned with.

    7 Characteristics

    The Sulgogars only make appearance in the single-player missions, and even so they are rarely encountered. All Sulgogars weapons are classified as Particle Beam. Similar to the Mykonian ion cannons, these energy weapons travel fast and can inflict substantial damage. By design, the Sulgogars are quite different from the other factions in many ways: They possess only a few types of powerful airborne units, which is not enough to flexibly handle all kind of situations. Sulgogars are also unable to construct any buildings at all (Sulgogars do not have buildings). Therefore, they cannot create their own power sources during the gameplay, which is a huge disadvantage in a protracted attrition warfare.

    The Sulgogar Queen possesses one particle beam turret as a self-defence weaponry, which is technically identical to Slime Lord's weapon. This particle beam projectile is precision-guided and inflicts the most damage out of all host station turret weapons, but with a very long reload time (5 seconds under AI-control) and only one turret in place, its overall damage output is not very high. Although thanks to its weapon characteristics, it tends to be more effective against fast or expensive units. Also, since Sulgogars are never meant to be used by the player, they lack some user-specific data in the game files. Which means their performance under player control is not an intended design result.

    The Sulgogars are not available in Multiplayer. This single-player exclusive faction has a drastically different design which excludes it from the natural balance system between the other playable major factions for numerous reasons.

    8 Official Localisation Titles

    English: Sulgogars

    German: Sulgogaren

    French: Les Sulgogars

    Japanese: スルゴガー

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