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    1 Information

    The Parasite is a colossal hyper-structure doomsday machine that has been implanted onto the crust of the Earth's surface by the Mykonians in order to harvest thermal energy directly from the planet's core.

    2 Overview

    In the game, Parasite is a symmetrical set of special and unique sectors found in Set 6 (Mykonized zone), which constitutes the primary component sector (the 'core elevator') at the centre, and four gigantic supporting energy pillars positioned at the adjacent diagonal sectors around to support the core sector.

    In the single-player campaigns, the Parasite serves a similar function as the Stoudson Bomb (in fact, it is actually a type of the Stoudson Bomb in the gameplay context) in that it is a large-scale weapon of mass destruction with a timer and trigger sectors required for its operation. Upon detonation, the Parasite will propagate the massive energy shockwave towards all directions, eliminating the entire structures and hostile units in the level once the countdown timer reaches zero.

    The Parasite serves as the primary strategic goal of the original Resistance campaign, and it is the player's ultimate objective to effectively stop and disable the Parasite before it reaches its final phase in the final mission, Parasite City.

    3 Background

    Parasite is a gigantic doomsday machine and a large-scale energy harvester and converter that has been installed on the surface of the Earth by the invading alien group Mykonians. During the early phases of the Mykonian invasions upon the Earth, the Mykonians have quickly gained supremacy with their advanced weaponry and technological superiority; and most importantly, exploiting the unstable geopolitical and diplomatic situations amongst the fractured human factions on the Earth following the events of the Big Mistake. The divided human factions and alliances allowed the Mykonians to swiftly gain upper hand and install their Parasite machine unimpeded with minimal interference.

    This 'core elevator' can harvest thermal energy directly from the Earth's core at an alarming rate, while also releases any excess heat gathered from it to the Earth's upper atmosphere. This entire process results in extreme cooling of the Earth's temperature while also weakening the planetary magnetic field, which adversely affects the Earth's magnetosphere, thermosphere, and ionosphere. The process also renders the already devastated and uninhabitable surface of the Earth after the Big Mistake more susceptible to the bombardment by unfiltered cosmic radiation at its extremity, while plummeting the Earth's temperature to the lowest for a total extinction of all lifeform and biosphere on the Earth.

    The primary constituents and components of the Parasite machine can be described as a colossal superstructure with an equivalent function of a highly advanced magnetohydrodynamic generator (which has also become a standard technology for the power stations that make use of plasma geo-pockets from the human factions as well), whose massive energy output is directly employed to power their energy-intensive Mykonian war machines.

    4 Layout

    The Parasite contains one main component sector situated at the centre, with four supporting energy pillars positioned diagonally from the middle. Aside from the aesthetics and visuals, it serves a functionally identical purpose as the Stoudson Bomb in the most gameplay context. The central 'core elevator' sector is the main component of the bomb itself, while the rest of the supporting pillars are the trigger points. All five sectors are virtually indestructible, although they can still be damaged and captured.

    5 Appearance

    The Parasite is an extremely unique sector and makes its appearance in the game only a few times.

    5.1 Resistance Campaign

    Parasite City: The Parasite dramatically makes its appearance in its namesake mission, and it is also the final end goal objective of the original Resistance single-player campaign. By the time SDU7 arrives in Parasite City, the Parasite is fully active and its countdown timer is still ticking, with 45 minutes left before it reaches its final phase. It works otherwise functionally identical to Stoudson Bomb during the gameplay.

    5.2 Ghorkov Campaign

    5.3 Multiplayer Levels

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    6 Trivia

    • The Parasite earned its name from how it extracts the energy by leeching heat from the planet's core, in which case the Earth would be the Host.
    • E3 Debug level also contains the Parasite in it, although it is entirely decorative without any special functions.

    7 Notes

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