• The article about the official translations and localisations of Microsoft Urban Assault, as well as the Language selection function in the game.
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    1 Information

    Microsoft Urban Assault is officially translated and localised with full text and voice support in the following four languages: English, German (original), French, Japanese.

    This article covers basic information about the official translations and localisations of Urban Assault and Metropolis Dawn, as well as the built-in 'Language' selection function that is present in the game engine.

    2 Overview

    Urban Assault was created by German company TerraTools. The game's original language is German with full text and voiceovers. After the successful publishing contract with Microsoft, Urban Assault was also officially translated into English, French, and Japanese (quite rare for its time for a western game) languages with full text and voice localisation assets.

    Metropolis Dawn Expansion Pack was created by the same German TerraTools developers (also known as 'The Urban Assault Missions CD - Team'), but the expansion was never commercially released due to contract issues with a new publisher. Still, the developers had successfully translated the German expansion pack contents into English and French as well.

    3 Language Selection Functionality

    Urban Assault game engine has a native function to parse and load multiple variants of different game language packs simultaneously without replacing one another in the game data files. Once the game engine detects any additional language packs inside the locale folder, there will be a new button named 'OBSOLETE' (originally called 'Language') appearing at the lower-right corner of the main menu screen, which allows the user to access the list menu screen for selecting which language data pack to use and display the game contents.

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    4 Official Game Localisation Titles

    4.1 English

    Microsoft Urban Assault

    4.2 German

    Microsoft Urban Assault (originally known as Anarchy or YPA)

    4.3 French

    Microsoft Urban Assault

    4.4 Japanese

    マイクロソフト アーバン アサルト

    5 Notes