Urban Assault Cheats

  • The article about cheats for single-player mode.
    (This article is currently under construction!)

    1 Overview

    Urban Assault does not have any cheats or cheat-codes in a conventional manner. However, some parts of the game was designed to be easily accessible to allow simple modifications of parameter values, which could practically function as cheat codes with additional layers of control and freedom for the player.

    This page will cover some methods and elements that can be classified as such.

    Disclaimer: Please make sure to create backup of any game data files before modifying their properties!

    2 Methods

    2.1 The 'Cheat' dataset from the developers (and the extra 'Easy Levels' dataset).

    Coming soon.

    2.2 Modifying the savegame parameters

    Many easily accessible parameters that are responsible for in-game environments of a save profile are stored and updated in a 'user.txt' file that is located in each user save profile folder.

    (Main content, coming soon.)

    2.3 Enabling the secret/hidden debug (cheat) unit: Evilfurz

    Evilfurz is a secret/hidden unit that was created by the developers to facilitate debugging process in levels. The data for Evilfurz still remains in the retail version of the game, so it is possible to enable it with a little tweak.

    (Detailed methods coming soon.)

    2.4 The 'SWEAPON' cheat rumour

    On several online websites, there is an unfounded statement which claims that if the player presses all 'SWEAPON' keyboard buttons simultaneously during the gameplay, it will unlock the secret cheat unit Evilfurz for the player. However, performing this action does not have any effect in the game. Which had puzzled many players for a long time.

    Eventually, this 'SWEAPON' cheat had been confirmed to be a baseless rumour since the reverse engineering into the game's engine had proven that there is no such a hidden cheat function built into the game in the first place.

    The 'SWEAPON' cheat is a false rumour of an unknown origin and does NOT exist in Urban Assault.