What happened to the original forums?

  • Are they gone completely? Was there no way to replicate them here?

    I wish to see all those discussions again. It would be sad to lose them forever.

  • Hey Protheus, I guess you aren't on our official Discord server? Every communication is shared there after the old forum went down. This forum is still under construction and we're beta testing it at this moment. We'll officially release our new platform this year.

    The old forum, Stoudson Corporation, was shut down unexpectedly by the old admin. We will try to restore as much of the content as possible. However, technical functions are currently still being tested, so no content yet.

    If you would like to take part in the test, write preferably in the beta forum. You can of course keep your account as soon as the forum is officially released. I would also advise you to join our Discord server.

    Your most important contacts on Discord are Schloss Charlottenburg (Our administrator), deetex and Lilia (our moderators) if you have any further questions.

  • Hello Protheus! The old Stoudson Corporation website had been deactivated since January 2021 due to a personal decision by GoldStar611, after he mentioned about his potential departure from the UA community in future. But since it happened so suddenly without any forewarning, no one was prepared to save or archive anything before the incident took place. Currently we are working on to bring the essential contents back. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask CX Music, Deetex, or me.

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