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    Sure, take your time! Incidentally, I would like to add that there was also a member on Discord who wanted to have a conversation with you.

    I have begun to follow the help on the site you linked me to, but I have too much open and unfinished to reboot my computer at the moment! If the other person who wants to have a conversation with me is still wanting to, please could you tell them that I can on here? Thanks.


    I have an .iso image for the game. This requires a relevant programme to 'run' it. I use Daemon Tools Lite. On Daemon Tools, I just use the Quick Mount option. I don't know about the rest of it. Once it is mounted, it behaves as a separate physical CD/DVD/BRD drive, but it is virtual, so it will use the next available drive letter on your OS. Would anyone (mods/admins, mostly) want me to upload the .iso image to either here (if I can, and of course with permission (it is 512 MB (536,987,648 bytes) in size)), or perhaps PM a mod and give them a link for them to make it available on here? (Unless an .iso image exists within the shareable files here already.) I also have the Metropolis Dawn expansion pack and the Helicopter Patch, as well, but I expect these two are available already.

    Before I do this (if I get the go-ahead), I intend to upload the .iso image to an online virus-scanning site, and sharing the results here. I am thinking of VirusTotal, which uses "70 antivirus scanners and URL/domain blocklisting services, in addition to a myriad of tools to extract signals from the studied content".

    Of course, if an .iso image is available already, or I do not receive permission to do this, then nevermind.


    Has anyone seen this before? I paused my game, and then unpaused it by accident, so I re-paused it. When I came back to it, I saw this. I don't know what keyboard key I pressed, presumably when I unpaused it by accident.

    Thanks for welcoming me back. Thanks for replying!

    Oh, I am familiar with taskkill. I have used it for another game, but I am not in any rush to get back onto Discord. I shall leave it for now - and (if I don't forget) return here in the future, if I want to try and get back on.

    Yes, you excluded the phone verification for me. Thanks for that. It is worse than distasteful that we must give our own private information. Why do they think they need it? (Off-topic, rhetorical question.)


    I don't understand all of what you said! Thanks for replying, though.

    I seem to have determined the cause of the problem. I also set the right-click>Properties>Compatibility options to Reduced colour mode - 16-bit (65536 colour). I reverted the previous options I mentioned above. So far, so good. I don't think my on-board graphics card has been updated, but seeing as I have a Windows OS installed, I will leave my opinion in my own head! :winking_face: (Oh - and MSUA is by MS, of course! Figure that one out!)

    I have left the save game problem. I just restarted the Ghorkovs and as I said, all seems to be working well now.



    In my thread here, I added a link to another thread of mine. After I submitted the post, I noticed other links were added automatically, which point to various units and things within the game. I think it would be a good idea to have the user-input hyperlinks (internal and maybe external) be one colour, or with external links having a little arrow thing, like some forums have, for the hyperlink. With the automatically-generated links to in-game things, maybe have them a different colour or double-underlined, or both, for example. This is to differentiate, and make it easy to notice, the user's links and the automatically-generated links.



    I wanted to go onto Discord so I could mention this, but as you can see here, I can't get on. I shall post it here, instead.

    I was playing on the Ghorkov part of the expansion pack, and I noticed my Tekh-Trak was moving quicker, more like a Speedy, then back as a Tekh-Trak repeatedly. The Host Station icon, flashing on the map, was flashing too quickly, as well. I saved the game and closed the programme, restarted and my computer and tried again, but it didn't start-up. I put it in compatibility with XP SP2 and to start as Administrator, then it started but my saved games were deleted.

    I was thinking about setting the programme's priority, in Task Manager, lower, in case that was the cause (which didn't matter previously), but going out of the game (Alt+Tab) usually means I can't get back into the game, with it changing screen resolution a million times.

    I don't know why this would happen now randomly all of a sudden. I suppose I don't mind starting the expansion game (Ghorkovs) again, but has anyone else experienced this, and/or possibly know what caused it?


    P.S. I presume the problem would occur on the main game, and the Taerkasten game, as well, but I experienced it only now after finishing the main game and before playing as Taerkastens.


    I tried logging-in to Discord but it demands an update. Previously, I renamed "update.exe", but it didn't work, giving a javascript error. Renaming it back attempts an update; the update fails repeatedly. On a website I found regarding it, someone said uninstalling then reinstalling it didn't help, so I CBA with that, plus I doubt it will work anyway. I can't log-in to Discord on the website, because it demands I give my personal details (phone number) for "verification".

    Why do people use such a crap "service"? We moved away from Internet Explorer, we moved away from YouTube, etc. I use Discord for UA mostly. Is there a better option than shit Discord, or am I going to not bother visiting again?