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  • Hi.

    I tried logging-in to Discord but it demands an update. Previously, I renamed "update.exe", but it didn't work, giving a javascript error. Renaming it back attempts an update; the update fails repeatedly. On a website I found regarding it, someone said uninstalling then reinstalling it didn't help, so I CBA with that, plus I doubt it will work anyway. I can't log-in to Discord on the website, because it demands I give my personal details (phone number) for "verification".

    Why do people use such a crap "service"? We moved away from Internet Explorer, we moved away from YouTube, etc. I use Discord for UA mostly. Is there a better option than shit Discord, or am I going to not bother visiting again?


  • Hello Campo1988, welcome back.

    Unfortunately, the problems with Discord software is not a subject that we can directly help with. However, after a quick search I found an official article published by a Discord developer that appears to cover the issue you are encountering now. I suggest you to have a look at it:

    [Windows] Installer Errors – Discord

    Another common solution seems to indicate that the update issue may be caused by multiple instances of Discord running in the background. In this case, you can open Task Manager and manually terminate all background Discord processes first before running the update.exe file again. You can also achieve this via CMD with the command: taskkill /IM /F discord.exe

    Discord also usually requires a mandatory phone verification for a claimed account. Although I have already excluded the server-side phone number authentication requirement for your account before, we have no control over the platform-level phone number verification that Discord asks directly from you (I agree it is inconveniently intrusive). If you cannot use the web version of Discord for this reason, I think you may have to contact Discord support directly for assistance.

    I apologise if the above information didn't help. But hopefully one of the solutions can help you resolve the issue. You may also try disabling any anti-virus instances temporarily before updating.

  • Thanks for welcoming me back. Thanks for replying!

    Oh, I am familiar with taskkill. I have used it for another game, but I am not in any rush to get back onto Discord. I shall leave it for now - and (if I don't forget) return here in the future, if I want to try and get back on.

    Yes, you excluded the phone verification for me. Thanks for that. It is worse than distasteful that we must give our own private information. Why do they think they need it? (Off-topic, rhetorical question.)


  • Sure, take your time! Incidentally, I would like to add that there was also a member on Discord who wanted to have a conversation with you.

    I have begun to follow the help on the site you linked me to, but I have too much open and unfinished to reboot my computer at the moment! If the other person who wants to have a conversation with me is still wanting to, please could you tell them that I can on here? Thanks.

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