• Sulgogars are a faction in UA.
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    1 Basic Overview

    The Sulgogars are a vegetative, bionic off-world species whose powers resides in biotechnology, genetic manipulation and cloning. The Sulgogars hope to claim Earth and its scarce remaining ocean body as their spawning ground, but their numbers are few and they are rarely encountered. The Sulgogars initially made their migration to the ocean of Earth shortly before The Big Mistake. They wish to exterminate the other factions for causing the environmental collapse and pollution, destroying their natural habitats in the process.

    2 Detailed Information

    The Sulgogars are a vegetative and plant-like species of bionic alien with an off-world origin. Their powers reside in biotechnology, genetic manipulation and cloning. The Sulgogars hope to claim the resource-rich Earth as their spawning grounds and view humans as fertilisers. Similar to the Mykonians, they make exclusive use of advanced energy-based weapons. The Sulgogars can extract minerals from the ground and view humans as food. They also wish to exterminate the humans and from the Earth for causing the environmental destruction and ecological collapse followed by the Big Mistake. Damaging and devastating their natural habitat in progress.

    The Sulgogars are rarely encountered in the game. All Sulgogars weapons are classified as Particle Beam. These energy weapons can inflict substantial damage to many targets, even surpassing the Mykonians in some areas. As a part of the game balance, the Sulgogars' weaknesses in exchange for their individually powerful units are their extreme inflexibility, lack of versatility, and their inability to create buildings. They have a very few variety of units and all are airborne, rendering them mostly vulnerable to attacks from a large group of anti-air tanks, and also get rendered powerless when their power sources are destroyed since they possess no means of restoring power stations on their own. The Sulgogar Queen possesses one Particle Beam turret as a self-defense weaponry, whose projectile is guided and inflicts the most damage out of all the faction's host stations, but with only one turret and a very long reload time.

    The Sulgogars are not available in Multiplayer. This single-player exclusive faction is considered out of the balance cycle between the other major factions.