OpenUA (UA:Source)

  • OpenUA (UA:Source) is an open-source engine reimplementation of UA.
    OpenUA (UA:Source) is an open-source engine re-implementation project for Urban Assault.

    1 Overview

    OpenUA (also known as UA_Source) is a reverse engineering/reconstruction project started by user Zidane. The goal is to reconstruct the original source code and reimplement certain features using modern, platform-independent technologies that are compatible with modern computers and different operating systems.

    Currently, OpenUA is completely playable in single-player mode. Using it instead of the original game is already a good way to solve most problems that occur on modern systems. OpenUA now also supports a primitive multiplayer functionality and many other new features as well.

    Since many parts of the code have been reconstructed, refactored, or improvised from the original game's algorithms, UA_Source may contain new type of bugs and the gameplay experience may not be strictly identical to the original UA. However, OpenUA offers various advanced and improved performance and settings on modern systems and hardware, as well as fixing several bugs that were present in the original game.

    2 Important Goals

    2.1 Implemented

    • Rewrite the game engine, make it portable and moddable
    • Fix helicopter bug
    • Replace D3D/DDraw/DInput/DSound by SDL2/OpenGL/OpenAL
    • Add support for Metropolis Dawn
    • Implement music player (replace CD-based music player)
    • Improve language file support, replace language.dll with text files
    • Primitive multiplayer functionality
    • Video player
    • Situation analyzer
    • Custom shaders
    • Numerous other improvements and bug-fixing

    2.2 Not yet implemented

    • New fully functional multiplayer engine

    3 New Configuration Options

    As a part of development, many new configuration options were added. They are shown below and can be added into the NUCLEUS.ini file which is located in the main folder of UA.

    Whilst not absolutely necessary, these options are fully integral parts of the new OpenUA functionality. Therefore, it is highly recommended to add these new options into NUCLEUS.ini file of the OpenUA directory.

    4 FAQ

    4.1 Running the Metropolis Dawn expansion pack on OpenUA

    More to come...

    4.2 Running the Urban Assault Trial (demo) on OpenUA

    More to come...


    5.1 Downloading the OpenUA Standalone Package (Highly recommended for most users)

    This package contains all the essential game files configured for the latest OpenUA applications. No installation is required, but please check the package description inside first!

    The package is now also available for the Trial (Demo) version of the game.

    5.2 Compiling from the GitHub repository source (Recommended for advanced users)

    More to come...

    For now, please open a support ticket on the forums or visit Discord for more help.

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