Microsoft Urban Assault Download & Installation Guide

  • The article for Download & Installation Guide for Microsoft Urban Assault and the official game contents.
    This article explains how to download and install Microsoft Urban Assault and other essential official game files.

    1 Information

    This article is the basic guide for downloading and installing Urban Assault and other official game files on modern computers. The contents here will be copied into a separate forum thread in future for a better accessibility.

    Our website offers the most authentic and verified game files and content for Urban Assault and other UA contents. We also provide technical support and assistance for running the game on modern systems and hardware.


    All files in the downloads section here are verified, fully authentic, and completely safe to use. Please read this section carefully first so there will be no mistake, and then move on to the installation or troubleshooting sections next.

    Alternatively, if you want the most quick and stable solution for running the game on modern hardware without any additional workarounds or troubleshooting, then please scroll down and use the 'OpenUA Standalone Package' file!

    2.1 Urban Assault:

    (NOTE: This is the full original authentic retail copy of Microsoft Urban Assault as it was released in 1998. Therefore, it may require additional configurations and workarounds to properly install and play on modern hardware.)

    2.2 Metropolis Dawn Expansion pack:

    (NOTE: Metropolis Dawn is the official expansion of Urban Assault. The expansion pack requires either 'Typical' or 'Full' installation of the original Urban Assault with full registry data on the machine before it can be installed.)

    2.3 Urban Assault Trial:

    (NOTE: Urban Assault Trial is the official demo version of Urban Assault. It was available for download at the official Microsoft Urban Assault website long time ago.)

    2.4 AI Helicopter Patch:

    (NOTE: This is a set of patched/debugged game executables that was designed to eliminate the 'AI Helicopter Glitch' that occurs on modern hardware in the original UA engine. OpenUA does not require this fix! For more information, see the article: AI Helicopter Glitch.)

    2.5 OpenUA Standalone Package (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED):

    (NOTE: OpenUA Standalone Package is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for normal users who want a quick and stable way to play the game on modern hardware without further workarounds. This is a full standalone game package with the original game data (Urban Assault + Metropolis Dawn expansion pack) contents that requires no installation process, with the latest stable UA:Source files as well as other necessary configurations setup applied inside already. Please use 'UA_Source.exe' (not 'UA.exe' or 'Ua_xp.exe'!) and its variants to launch the game in the OpenUA engine.

    If you are new in the community, and have problems determining which game files to download and/or had already experienced technical issues with the original UA files on your machines, then download and use this package. Also when using this package, please check the 'Package Description' Readme file first! Everything you need to know about the package is properly explained in there. This package now also contains the authentic and official German, French, and Japanese localisation files of Urban Assault. However, the in-game movie files in this package are only available in English version because they take up a large portion of the total game size.)

    What is OpenUA:

    OpenUA (UA:Source)

    2.6 OpenUA Standalone Package (Demo version):

    (NOTE: This is the trial version of the game that has been fully configured to be played on OpenUA in a similar manner to the above full version of standalone package. Again, please check the 'Package Description' Readme file inside!)

    3 Installation

    The installation methods are generally straightforward. However, additional configurations and workarounds may be necessary on modern systems and hardware.

    3.1 How to install Urban Assault:

    Mount the UASSAULT.mdf and UASSAULT.mds into a virtual disk emulator of your choice, and run the Setup.exe to launch the installer. Follow the instructions in the installer. It may require administrator privileges and backward compatibility settings to run properly.

    3.2 How to install Metropolis Dawn:

    The Metropolis Dawn expansion pack requires either 'Typical' or 'Full' installation of the original UA with full registry data. Once the original UA installed, run the Setup.exe in the expansion package. Follow the instructions in the installer.

    3.3 How to install Urban Assault Trial:

    Launch the MSUADEMO.exe with administrator privileges and follow the instructions in the installer. if the installer does not work properly, try backward compatibility settings.

    3.4 How to install OpenUA:

    There are multiple ways to install OpenUA for different purposes such as manual compilation. These will be covered in the separate OpenUA article in future.

    OpenUA Standalone Package does not require any installation process.

    4 Technical Assistance & Troubleshooting

    For now, if you encounter any problems and issues during the installation of the game files or during the gameplay, please refer to the following pages for further information and assistance.

    4.1 Original Game:

    4.1.1 AI Helicopter Glitch:

    AI Helicopter Glitch

    4.1.2 General Troubleshooting Article:

    Windows Troubleshooting

    4.2 OpenUA:

    OpenUA (UA:Source)

    All problems related to the original engine/game can be reliably circumvented by playing on OpenUA. If all else fails, always use OpenUA!

    Should you require any further assistance, feel free to open a support ticket on the forums or ask questions in our Discord server channel.