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    2 Overview

    Urban Assault is a highly unique and innovative 3D-FPS-RTS hybrid game that was developed by the Potsdam/Berlin-based German technology company TerraTools and published by Microsoft Games Studio in the year 1998.

    This new website is currently under construction, and the restoration works for the lost content and information/knowledge base from the old websites are currently in progress. Unfortunately, there are still numerous inaccurate and misleading information about the game found on the internet, including some untrustworthy web pages that distribute modified/broken/corrupt game data files that are defective in nature and do not work properly at all.

    For this reason, our main UA website here only provides technical support and assistance for the verified game data and files that are sourced directly from our trusted FTP repository servers, or any official and authentic retail version CD copies of the game that you already own/purchased. We do not take any responsibility nor provide technical support for any issues caused by downloading and using unidentified game files from unverified sources elsewhere on the internet.

    2.1 Official Gameplay Summary

    Urban Assault is a game quite different from any you have played before.

    It is a sci-fi action game at its core that also incorporates real-time

    strategy gameplay in a unique atmospheric setting. Urban Assault is well

    suited for gamers who appreciate intense, unrelenting, eyes-out-of-their-

    sockets 3-D vehicle action as well as field strategy and tactics.

    To be successful, you must be good at 2 things: You must constantly

    juggle being able to command strategically on a high level, while

    being tenacious in controlling individual vehicles first hand. You will

    not win on more advanced levels if you just hang back and use the Host

    Station Map only! Jump into your vehicles and take control!

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    • Microsoft Urban Assault
    • Metropolis Dawn (Expansion Pack) for Microsoft Urban Assault

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