• This article covers the Ghorkov unit Ghargoil.

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Original Urban Assault help files entry.




Weapon type:Rocket
Machine gun:Yes
Fire rate:****
Hit points:*
Best used against:Tanks

Usually deployed in large numbers, this light helicopter with rockets can be powerful against your ground units. Its small size and ample speed make it a difficult target, but it is vulnerable to your anti-aircraft fire. The Ghargoil is seen from the very beginning of the campaign.

(This article is under construction!)

This section contains basic in-game information and properties of the object.

Single-Player & Multiplayer


Vehicle NameGhargoil
Vehicle ID24
Vehicle ClassLight Attack Helicopter (heli)
Energy9500 (95)
Radar Range1
AI Flight Altitude200
AI Attack Distance (vs Sectors)1000
AI Attack Distance (vs Units)750
AI Retreat Distance (vs Sectors)150
AI Retreat Distance (vs Units)250
AI Task Preference Rating3 (vs Host Station)
2 (vs Aircraft)
4 (vs Helicopter)
5 (vs Tank)
6 (Sector Conquest)
4 (Reconnaissance)

Weapon System

Weapon ID24
Weapon ClassAir-to-ground Rocket (rocket)
Weapon Firepower27000 (270)
Damage Multiplierx1.5 vs Tanks
x0.5 vs Planes
Rate of Fire (AI)2300 (2.3 seconds)
Rate of Fire (User)900 (0.9 seconds)
Salvo CountN/A
Salvo DelayN/A
Machine Gun/AutocannonYes; 5000 (50) damage per second


* The unit of time used in the game engine/data script is in milliseconds by default.

* All energy values that appear in the game are divided by 100 from the actual engine/data script values.

* Player-controlled units will receive -60% incoming damage and increased manoeuvrability, as well as alternative firepower.

* AI-specific parameters such as flight altitudes or attack patterns are completely ignored when the unit is directly controlled by the player.

* AI-controlled air units can override their pre-set flight altitude values when targeting player-controlled vehicles above them, or when attacking host stations.