General Strategy & Tactics

  • The article about various strategies and tactics in UA gameplay.
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    Urban Assault offers a huge range of tactical and strategic depth thanks to its full 3D engine with varied physics and AI behaviours of the units and weapons in combat.

    1 Overview

    1.1 Multiplayer

    The multiplayer in UA never really had continuing competitive scenes or sufficient active players to promote the development of established 'meta-game' strategies. It is both advantages and disadvantages depends on perspectives. However, it has been widely demonstrated by numerous times that the game balance between four major playable factions on multiplayer are surprisingly well-balanced provided that all assets (units and buildings) are available for each faction. (TerraTools invested extra effort for the beta testing sessions of the game, after all!)

    Still, many multiplayer levels in UA are designed with diverse and asymmetric distributions of initial unit availability and tech upgrade rewards. Which makes each battle on different levels much more unpredictable (and interesting). And since the full 3D gameplay environment of UA offers nearly infinite variables for combat situations, each match will be always different even on same levels. Such designs allow players to devise and experiment with various creative openings and strategies/tactics liberally that are not rigidly bound to specific rules or restrictions.

    The strategy and tactics articles in this section (including the faction-specific parts) will maintain the general assessment and objective approach in regards to the factual analysis to encourage the exploration of many different unique openings, strategies, tactics, or unit compositions from the players.

    2 Official Strategy & Tactics

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    3 General Strategy & Tactics

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    4 AI vs Player Strategy & Tactics

    UA encourages various decision-making to the players during the match. There are always moments of dilemma where the players should decide whether to assign certain tasks up to AI drones, or conduct it by themselves.

    The benefits of employing AI for various tasks is that the players can save time and concentrate on other and more important tasks. Whereas with Virtual Presence Shift (first-person player-control mode), the player can actively override many artificial restrictions placed upon an AI unit, while also gaining sufficient stat boosts for the unit to even turn the odds of battle, but cannot manage other necessary tasks effectively while doing so.

    Therefore, the players should always be aware of opportunity costs and ROI (Return On Investment) factors when performing all actions and distinguishing AI vs Player usages. Additionally, because of a certain degree of mechanical and functional differences, some strategy and tactics tend to be more effective or even only possible with either AI or player presences.

    4.1 AI Strategy & Tactics

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    4.2 Player Strategy & Tactics

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    5 Faction-specific

    Urban Assault features 4 interesting and completely unique factions with asymmetrical designs and balance model. Each faction possesses their own distinct unit types and vehicle designs with different strengths and weaknesses. Such variations between factions allow many unique playstyles and viable strategies for each faction.

    5.1 The Resistance

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    5.2 Ghorkov

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    5.3 Taerkasten

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    5.4 Mykonians

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    6 Notes